martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010


cine sin película / film without film / proyección múltiple / ensayo de Claudio Caldini / taller del lunes 22/11/2010 / registro video María Rosa Andreotti

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girlontape dijo...

una especie de rothko in motion! beautiful

girlontape dijo...

claudio esta obra no es cine pero me hizo pensar en tus abstracciones: ray lee en la bienal de liverpool

claudio caldini dijo...

grazie Stef, Rothko + Paul Sharits' Shutter Interface, home made. buscalo en youtube. Muy bueno lo de Ray Lee, para ver en plena oscuridad.

girlontape dijo...

qué lindo el shutter interface! no conocía ese artista...

Ron Green dijo...

Dear Claudio Caldini,
Beautiful extension of Sharits, Conrad, others, not to mention Albers.
I have been corresponding with Federico Windhausen since reading his essays on Paul Sharits and Christoph Girardet. I was a friend and colleague of Sharits's and I'm currently doing work on Girardet for a book I've been writing on the film/video loop as a modernist form, particularly in structural/material film such as Sharits, Frampton, Snow, et al, but also more recently in new media. My wife and I both worked closely with Sharits, Frampton, Conrad, the Vasulkas, and many others in Buffalo NY during the 1970s, and with Jonas Mekas, Haller, and others at Anthology. I'm hoping to do a conference on Snow here at the Wexner Center in a year or so, and have been working with Michael on that.

To cut this short, Federico gave me contact information for you, since Louisa and I are going to be in Buenos Aires from Dec 24 to Jan 2 and would love to just meet you and find out more about the avant-garde cinema in Argentina and how I can get to know it better from where I am in Ohio.

I know its a long shot, but please let me know if you are available for and interested in a lunch or coffee date during that time.

Ron Green

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Professor of Film Studies
Department of History of Art
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Ron Green dijo...

P.S. I assume Jonathan Walley knows your work?? He does para-cinema, recently a book on McCall with Branden Joseph.

claudio caldini dijo...

Thanks Ron,
I sent you an e-mail.
Looking forward to meet you in Buenos Aires next week.