miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

subtle matter

It is not only in things animate but in things inanimate also that we must see Narayana, experience Shiva, throw our arms around Shakti. When our eyes, that are now blinded by the idea of Matter, open to the supreme Light, we shall find that nothing is inanimate, but all contains, expressed or unexpressed, involved or evolved, secret or manifest or in course of manifestation, not only that state of involved consciousness which we call annam or Matter, but also life, mind, knowledge, bliss, divine force and being, - prana, manas, vijnana, ananda, cit, sat. In all things the self-conscious personality of God broods and takes the delight of his gunas. Flowers, fruits, earth, trees, metals, all things have a joy in them of which you will become aware, because in all Sri Krishna dwells, pravisya, having entered into them, not materially or physically, - because there is no such thing, Space and Time being only conventions and arrangements of perception, the perspective in God's creative Art, - but by cit, the divine awareness in his transcendent being.

Sri Aurobindo, The Yoga and its Objects